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Traduzioni Pink Floyd

Video Foto Album Traduzioni Midi Testi

Da A momentary laps of reason
Da Animals
Pigs on the Wing-Part 1 Dogs Pigs-Three different ones Sheep
Pigs on the Wing-Part 2 * * *
Da Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother If Summer '68 Fat Old Sun
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast * * *
Da Meddle
One of These Days A Pillow of Winds Fearless You'll Never Walk Alone
San Tropez Seamus Echoes *
Da More
Cirrus Minor The Nile Song The Crying Song Green Is The Colour
Cymbaline Ibiza Bar * *
Da Obscured By clouds
Burning Bridges The Gold it's in The... Wots...uh the Deal Childhood's End
Free Four Stay * *
Da A Saucerful Of Secrets
Let There Be More Light Remember a Day Set the Controls for the ...... Corporal Clegg
See Saw Jugband Blues * *
Da The Dark Side of The Moon
Speak to Me Breathe in the air On the Run Time
Breathe The Great Gig in the Sky Money Us and Them
Brain Damage Eclipse * *
Da The Division Bell
What Do You Want From Me Poles Apart A Great Day For Freedom Wearing The Inside Out
Take It Back Coming Back To Life Keep Talking *
Lost For Words High Hopes * *
Da The final cut
The post war dream Your possible pasts One of the few The hero's return
The gunners dream Get your filthy hands off my.... The fletcher memorial home Southampton dock
The final cut Not now john Two suns in the sunset Paranoid eyes
Da The Piper At The Gates of Dawn
Astronomy Domine Lucifer Sam Matilda Mother Flaming
Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk The Gnome Chapter 24 The Scarecrow
Bike See Emily Play ** **
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